Built for modern Kiwi businesses that collect recurring payments from customers - Payleadr facilitates seamless digital payments.

We offer real value to our clients because we make collecting recurring payments easier than ever before. We utilise the latest in cloud technologies and provide online payment portals to create an efficient and intuitive payment journey. 

We work with childcare, education, health & fitness, sports clubs, hair & beauty, professional services and subscription businesses. We understand these industries and how to create the perfect payment solutions.

If you want to spend less time chasing customer payments and more time managing your business – then Payleadr is the solution you need. 


Create, promote and manage recurring payment plans in the way that’s right for your business. You can even upload your company logo delivering a fully branded payment experience.

Fast Set Up

Sign up now and start accepting scheduled recurring payments today! Our easy online application process means your business can be up and running within one business day of signing with Payleadr.

Payment Flexibility

Your business, your rules. Custom-configure payment plans to the day and frequency of your choosing. Our tools are designed to meet the needs of you and your customers. 

Data Driven Insights

Accessible online 24/7 from any device, the Payleadr merchant portable delivers detailed analytics and actionable insights based on your transaction data. Optimise your payment plans to grow your business.

How Payleadr Works With Your Business

1. Create Your Company Profile

Simply enter the details of your business bank account and upload your company logo. This allows your clients to enjoy a fully-branded digital payment process. Payleadr delivers an optimised direct debit experience that makes life easier for you and your customers. 

Time: 1 Minute

2. Configure Payment Terms

Configure the recurring payment options you wish to offer your customers. The number of payments, instalment amounts, and payment frequencies are all up to you. Once configured, you can opt to automatically generate an SMS and email signup link for your customers. Or you can simply place the Payleadr generated URL on your website or social media channels so that your customers can easily sign up online

Time: 1 Minute

3. Frictionless Customer Sign-up

From any internet-enabled device, your customers can now select the payment plan option that best suits their finances. They can choose to pay on the day and frequency that’s aligned with their payday – using their preferred payment method. Simple!

Time: 2 Minutes

4. Set It, Forget It. We’ve got this.

We provide your customers with a copy of the T’s & C’s of their payment arrangement via email. They can make changes to payment details and access their payment history – all via the secure Payleadr customer portal. And what if a payment fails? We follow up via SMS and email, written in your tone of voice, and manage the re-billing of arrears. All this while you get on with what you do best – running your business! 


It’s the 2020s, which means there’s no excuse for bad tech. As digital natives, our platform is unencumbered by legacy technology or old-school customer service. We create seamless digital payment plans that consistently exceed the expectations of businesses and their consumers.

Manage Recurring Payments Via Your Merchant Dashboard

With Payleadr, you and your team will enjoy 24/7 access to analytics and actionable insights.

Drawn from real-time transaction data, our merchant dashboard suggests how to structure your payment plans to achieve the highest possible collection rate – minimising late payments and maximising your revenue.

  • Current Active Plans

  • Best Sales Day

  • Avg. Customer Age

  • Top Postcodes

  • Customer Heatmap

Payment Frequency

Gender Breakdown

Actionable Insights

Best Sales Day

Over the last 4 weeks, GRIND Fitness New Zealand has signed up more new customers on Tuesdays (55) than on any other day.

Best Performing Payment Day

Among customers at GRIND Fitness New Zealand, payments scheduled for Fridays have the highest success rate (98.25%). Conversely, payments on Tuesdays have the lowest success rate (81.34%).

Highest Performing Payment Frequency

For customers of GRIND Fitness New Zealand, weekly payment plans have the highest collection success rate (92.82%). Quarterly payments have the lowest collection success rate (82.17%).

Recurring Payment Solutions Designed For Your Business

Why Payleadr?

Simple, fast, elegant and secure. Fine-tune your recurring payment plans to improve your customer payment journey. We believe that exceptional user experience leads to better business and bigger revenue. 

Serious Speed

To our competitors, we say “catch us, if you can!”. We place an emphasis on speed in all aspects of our platform. From effortless digital onboarding to seamless online sign-up for your customers – we understand the importance of saving time.

We’re all about delivering “Set & Forget” payment plans and silky smooth online transactions.

Safety and Security

The data security of your business and your customers is our highest priority. All data is encrypted via SSL, we undertake regular external PCI ASV scanning and payment method data is handled via a PCI compliant payment gateway.

Data Driven Decisions

Our merchant portal serves up an array of invaluable insights – based on your real-time transaction data. The aim of our analytics is to help you make measurable improvements to your cash flow. We’ll tell you how you can increase your collection success rate by optimising your recurring payment strategy.

Stunningly Simple

We’re tech wizards – so you don’t have to be! We’ve reduced complex billing processes into an elegant and intuitive online platform. Our portal will guide you, in plain English, as you create bespoke direct debit services that your customers will love.

We understand your business and we understand your customer’s needs. We work hard to develop tools for local businesses that enable them to better connect with local customers.

Stunningly Simple

Set & Forget Recurring Payments - Create on Mobile & Desktop - Payleadr’s Got You Covered!

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How Can My Business Set Up Recurring Payment Services?

The best way for your business to accept recurring payments from customers is via the Payleadr online portal. Just like personal banking, the easiest way to manage your finances and plan your payments is online.

Luckily, there are many new ways for businesses to customise their recurring payments online. The advantage of these services is that they give your business complete control.

It’s important that your business and your customers can work together to create a seamless payment process that suits both your needs.

To find this level of freedom and flexibility, choose to work with Payleadr. We specialise in dynamic recurring payment solutions – allowing you to choose the way you accept recurring payments from your clients.

What is the difference between a scheduled recurring payment and an automatic payment?

There’s a difference between automatic payments and scheduled recurring payments. It’s important for businesses to understand this distinction so they can find the right solutions for their customers.

A scheduled recurring payment is a recurring payment that’s requested and approved by the customer and managed by the business. This means the agreed amount is automatically pulled from the customer’s nominated payment method on their nominated payment day.

An automatic payment is created, controlled and managed solely by the customer – meaning that a business is not given the ability to alter or change the payment. 

The advantage of a scheduled recurring payment is that the business and the customer can work together to find the optimal repayment process.

Working with an online scheduled recurring payment service like Payleadr gives both parties access to an intuitive online portal. This allows payments can evolve over time to meet the needs of both parties.

It’s the perfect modern solution for today’s busy, digital-first businesses and their customers!

How does Payleadr help New Zealand businesses?

At Payleadr, we back businesses all over New Zealand with online payment solutions that help them create, manage and customise recurring payment arrangements with their customers.

If you run a business that requires you to accept recurring payments from your clients – then Payleadr is the simple, time-saving solution you need. Gyms, childcare services, health and beauty salons and subscription model services all love Payleadr – because we perfectly complement the way they do business.

Don’t waste revenue on admin fees, when instead, you could be using our seamless online portal. It takes just minutes to create bespoke recurring payment options that are customised to your needs.

How soon can I receive funds from customers?

Creating, receiving and customising recurring payment plans has never been so quick and easy!!

You can sign up for Payleadr in just 60 seconds – and your business can start to benefit right away.

Our online portal gives you immediate access to a comprehensive selection of custom recurring payment solutions – and you’ll begin to receive funds as soon as the first payment clears.

Visa and MasterCard debit and credit card transactions will be settled to you the fourth business day following the day of the transaction (for Visa and MasterCard payments processed Monday – Friday).

Seamless recurring payment solutions. 100% customisable.  It’s your business - Payleadr is just here to help.

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