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Payment Processing for Sports Clubs

More time on paperwork means less time focused on the things that really matter to your club – kicking literal and metaphorical goals, on and off the field. Leave your payment processing to us, and you can focus on your club’s success.

Payleadr is designed for sporting clubs that collect registration, membership and sponsorship payments.

Our platform is effortless to use from beginning to end. With our sleek online payments system, we’ll reduce the workload for your club administrators, and provide a better payments experience for your club members and supporters.

By meeting the needs of both clubs and members, we make sure you’ve got full control while helping with your member retention.

  • Keep Payments Secure

    For sports clubs, it can make a world of difference to be paid on time. With Payleadr, you will be – each time, every time.

    No matter what kind of club payments you need to collect, Payleadr can be tailored to suit. We support sports clubs by bringing you the best of 21st-century payments technology.

  • Collect Membership Fees

    Be paid on time with our real-time payments processing. With such an intuitive platform for online payments, we make it easy for clubs to set fees and members to pay them.

    Payleadr has the flexibility for any sporting club to adjust their membership fee options. It only takes a few taps of a button!


Payleadr For Sports Clubs

The more time on paperwork, the less time for sports.

Payleadr is designed for sporting clubs with subscription payments and other types of recurring payments, as well as one-off membership fees.

Our platform is effortless to use from beginning to end. With our sleek online payments system, we’ll reduce the admin work for your staff, and provide better customer service to your members.

By meeting the needs of both club and members, we make sure you’ve got full control while helping with your member retention.


How Payleadr Works With Your Club

Every part of creating your business profile on Payleadr works simple and seamless so you can focus on what matters.

Quickly tweak your profile, easily update your services or change your prices, it’s easy whatever your technical ability or device.

On average, club administrators complete their club profile in Payleadr in under 5 minutes.

Rugby union club North Shore Seagulls, is an all age, rugby club on the Auckland’s North Shore.

A humble, community-led footy club run by the community for the community. The club services a range of age groups and teams, everything from junior playing teams to senior players.

Here’s how Payleadr works for Justin Reynolds, the treasurer of the North Shore Seagulls.

Justin Creates His Club Profile

Logging in to the Payleadr platform for the first time, Justin simply uploads his club logo to provide a branded payment experience for his members, and then enters the details of the club bank account that he wishes to receive payments into.

Justin Configures Flexible Payment Options For His Club's Fees

Justin creates payment plans for the club fees, using our elegant and intuitive web portal. Justin can set all pricing and payment options and can easily update these as the club grows or changes. Once configured, members can sign up to a Payleadr membership via QR code displayed in the clubrooms, via the club website, or via a unique SMS link.

Justin Customises Our SMS & Emails
Messages In His
Unique Tone Of Voice

Our platform handles all payment-related communications with your members, via automated SMS and Emails. To ensure that these communications are on brand, Justin easily customises these messages to align with his club's tone of voice.

Stay Connected
All Day, Everyday With 24/7 Self Service

Justin and the team at North Shore Seagulls, and their members, can access their account details, and self-serve for account changes, 24/7 with Payleadr’s intuitive club and member portals.

Deliver a digital payment experience your members will love, and optimise your business performance with easy to understand actionable insights.

  • Full Member Self Service

    Generate strong recurring revenue, even when your club doors are shut! Payleadr’s online platform means you can secure members on recurring payment arrangements 24/7, 365 days of the year, how good!

  • Actionable Business Insights

    Payleadr’s portal will produce and display Actionable Insights, drawn from your live transaction data, to suggest ways to maximise your cashflow through structuring your payment arrangements in a way that ensures the best possible collection success rate.

How Recurring Revenue Helps Grow Your Club

  • Predictability

    When you have a recurring revenue model, your ability to accurately predict future income is significantly enhanced.

  • Visibility

    Because of the nature of recurring revenue models, you have clear visibility into what is coming in the next week, month, quarter and year. You know where you stand well in advance.

  • Expense Management

    Predictability and visibility means you can manage your expenses more precisely relative to your revenue.

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