Discover Payleadr’s Recurring Payment Features

Do you need the freedom to design custom payment plans online? Payleadr delivers the ability to create recurring payment solutions.


Sign up to Payleadr now and start accepting payments today! Because our application process is entirely online, it’s never been quicker and easier to offer a wider variety of payment solutions to your customers.


We know business owners and managers are always on the go, which is why Payleadr can be accessed everywhere. Create and manage recurring payment arrangements – anywhere and anytime.


Every business is unique – which is why your recurring payment arrangements can be 100% customised to meet your needs. Whatever your industry, our intuitive features give complete freedom and flexibility.


Optimise your entire payment process with analytics, metrics and actionable insights. Our online platform analyses real-time data, discovering opportunities to maximise your revenue.

How To Establish Recurring Payment Arrangements

You can now accept recurring payments from clients in the most functional and efficient way ever. To establish an account for your business, follow these 4 simple steps…

1. Sign Up Online

Because the Payleadr signup process takes place entirely online, you can get started in seconds. Simply choose from the Pro plan or the Enterprise offering on our pricing page.

2. Enter Your Business Details

Add your business bank account details and logo. This allows us to generate a fully branded payment journey for your customers.

3. Customise Your Recurring Payment Options

You can choose the day, frequency and amount of each payment. It’s a process that takes just seconds – but provides incredible benefits to your business.

4. Set, Forget & Collect

Once they sign up to a payment plan with your biz, your customers will gain access to their own Payleadr online portal. Here, they’ll find all the details they need to manage their payment arrangement with your business.

Why Payleadr?

Every day, New Zealand SMBs are benefitting from Payleadr’s flexible payment solutions. It’s never been easier to regularly bill clients, gain detailed insights into your customer base, and improve cash-flow.

If there are ever any unsuccessful payments, we follow up with your clients via SMS and email. You can customise the content of these messages and manage the re-billing of any overdue amounts – all at no additional cost to your business.

And best of all, we have no setup costs for your business, no lock-in contracts, and no minimum monthly fees.

Customer Portal Access

Your customers will choose the business whose services are easiest to use. The Payleadr customer portal gives your customers a secure, hassle-free way to make changes to their payment methods. Payleadr is a painless way to transact, so your customers will keep coming back.

Merchant Portal Access

Create, manage, and customise your recurring payment plans, all in one place. With the analytics dashboard in the Payleadr business portal, you can draw on real-time data to better understand and respond to your customers.

Automated Recurring Payments

We offer the recurring payment solutions your business needs. Payleadr has the flexibility to meet the demands of any industry. Payment processing can be configured to any frequency, from weekly to annually.

What Industries Use Payleadr?

Health And Fitness

Manage all your recurring payment plans under one roof. With Payleadr, it’s easy to set up a recurring payment system to cover your fitness plans. Whether you bill weekly, annually, or anything in between, we offer flexible payment processing to match your plans.


Your focus is on delivering a top-notch education to your students. You don’t need to be juggling complex payment systems as well. Make your life more convenient and productive with our powerful, and simple, payment platfom. We deliver the set-and-forget online payment solutions that generate real growth for education providers.

Hair And Beauty

We work with a large number of Australian hair and beauty salons and studios. Because we understand the industry, our software enables salons to create, manage and promote member payment options with ease. This membership model drives strong recurring revenue that our clients can depend upon.

Sports Clubs

If you need an easy way for players, supporters and members to pay their fees and support your club, then Payleadr’s online platform is the simple solution. Instead of chasing payments, why not automate the entire process? Our payment management software is perfect for sports clubs and teams of any size. Make payments easy for members and club administrators so they can enjoy the game together!

If you’re a New Zealand business that uses a subscription model to bill customers, you could save serious time, money and effort with Payleadr! Our online portal is custom-crafted to meet your needs.

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Explore The Merchant Dashboard

Powerful Online Portal

The more you understand your customers, the better you can meet their needs. Gain deep insights using our powerful analytics and metrics. With Payleadr, any business can tap into consumer behaviour. Discover the ways your customers use your services – and areas for analysis and improvement.

Actionable Insights

More than just knowing, our analytics are about doing. Payleadr allows you to action insights to improve your business. Do your customers prefer to pay at a certain time, day, or payment method? Customise your services and deliver what your customers want – better than your competitors.

Accessible Anywhere

Any time, any place – when you have a lightbulb moment, we’re here for you. Your payment portal is accessible 24/7, on any device with internet access. It’s this kind of flexibility that makes Payleadr the easiest way to manage payments, data, insights and growth.

Easy Payment Options

Our payment services are designed with your customers in mind. It’s intuitive to use – from customer sign-up to payment completion. All payment data remains encrypted via SSL and the payment processing is handled through a PCI-compliant gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about how Payleadr works, get in touch with us. Our team will guide you through how to best use our online payment solutions. We’re always here to help.

Contact Payleadr?

Where do I sign my business up?

You can sign up for a Payleadr account from the ‘Pricing’ page of our website. Designed for total convenience, your business will begin receiving payments in no time. Just sign up online and you’ll be using Payleadr within one business day.

Who do I talk to if I get stuck?

Are you looking for the best way to manage a subscription payment model for your business? Talk with us! We’d love you to reach out. We’ll answer any questions about our billing system, the benefits of recurring recurring payments, and how you can start receiving funds now.

What are the benefits of outsourcing payments to Payleadr?

With our set and forget online services, you provide the services your customers love, while we make sure your recurring payments are performing perfectly. Payleadr makes payment processing easy for everyone so you can focus on growing your business. It’s really that simple.

How can I access my account?

Because we care about intuitive technology, we’ve made sure you can access your Payleadr account from anywhere. Any device connected to the internet can give you instant access to your merchant portal. From your home office or out on the road, access the services you need at your convenience.